The urban grid and human failure are the starting points of Van Hoorn’s work.

‘the striving for perfection is a constant failure’ – the artist states.

In his work Van Hoorn reacts to and restructures elements from his environment.

Desolate places, numb corners, construction sites, social houses, or neglected buildings along the railroad are the elements of the urban environments that the artist is fascinated by.

They are present inthe artist’s work as specific forms and in the choice of (mostly) cheapmaterials.

This formal research, which counts for a strong reference to minimal art, is a process trough whichthe artist suggests a re-evaluation of society’s values: it is a way to re-evaluate our own values an appreciation of our surroundings.

Van Hoorn’s work contains a striving for beauty, which according to him lies in simple and imperfect things: ‘ it is there, just waiting to be seen’.

 Angela Serino (Amsterdam, 2012)

Franks work toggles between the working area of painting, sculpture and installation art. Using a variation of materials, mostly material used by construction workers, to be find in the hardware shop.

The interaction between the works and how they manifest in spaces is important.

Every single work exist in relation to the other: one work can intuitively be the start up for a new work evolving a range of new images.

It’s not Franks intention to give clear definitions, it’s an insight of formal research.

Decisions were made during the making process on subjective and common knowledge base.

 Every consideration on the hand of new information can lead to a new decision.

Translated quote from Anya Janssen (Arnhem 2012)

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